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Steel Yankee dryer
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Steel Yankee dryer


The Yankee Dryer is the key component of modern high speed tissue machinery, its structure has been constant innovated, and make the tissue machinery is possible to realize the higher speed, higher width and the quality papers. Now it is widely used in tobacco , MG and some other specialty paper industry.

We can design and manufacture the steel Yankee Dryers (ø3000-ø7500mm, face length 2400-6500mm, speed within 2200m/min) referring to CSEI, ASME and PED standard, absorb the foreign advanced technology concept, adopt U groove structure for the inner shell to make the heat transfer area get bigger and increase the efficiency, which improve the capacity while lower the energy consumption. Some technologies have reached European level and try our best to build the global steel Yankee dryer manufacturing foundation!


Main Specification:

Model Dia.
Design speed
Trim width
Max linear pressure Max steam pressure
10FT 3000 1200 5600 120KN/m 1.0MPa
12FT 3660 1500 5600 120KN/m 1.0MPa
13FT 3963 2200 5600 120KN/m 1.0MPa
14FT 4270 2200 5600 120KN/m 1.0MPa
15FT 4572 2200 5600 120KN/m 1.0MPa
16FT 4877 2200 5600 120KN/m 1.0MPa
18FT 5486 2200 5600 120KN/m 1.0MPa
20FT 6096 2200 5600 120KN/m 1.0MPa
22FT 6706 2200 5600 170KN/m 1.0MPa
24FT 7315 2200 5600 170KN/m 1.0Mpa



With high safety performance, operating pressure can reach above 1.0MPa.

Unique cylinder groove design, which make the heat transfer efficiency greatly improve, increase the capacity while the energy consumption fall down .

Crown curve with optimized design, combine with special alloy coating, which possibly to realize to product higher quality paper.

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