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Steel jacket cooling cylinder
Product name

Steel jacket cooling cylinder


The steel jacket cooling cylinder is mainly used for the end of drying section. The paper goes through the surface, the temperature changes from 90~70℃ to 55~50℃, and the humidity increases by 1.5%~2.5%, which increase the paper plasticity, being beneficial to improve the sheet tightness and smoothness after calendaring, as well as reducing static ,thus reduce the difficulties caused by the further processing and printing of paper due to electrostatic attraction phenomenon.

Our steel jacket cooling cylinder uses wielding jacket structure, install some spirals runner plates are set up for inner jacket. The cooling water go forward in the flow passage with spiral, flow speed increasing and the temperature is same for the cross and circular, which greatly improve the cooling efficiency. Due to the condensed water distribute evenly in the jacket, with reliable dynamic balance, it becoming the preferred products of high speed paper machinery.


Main specifications:

Length 2000~8000mm
Diameter φ800~φ2000mm
Speed 100~1800m/min
Straightness ≤0.02mm
Radial run-out ≤0.02mm


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