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High- speed rolls series
Product name

High- speed rolls series


The high-speed paper rolls are known as the key components of paper machinery, these will directly affect the capacity and the paper sheet quality. Good papers rolls are not only meet the maximum need of web tension and linear pressure, but also can reduce the running cost.

These kinds of paper rolls for paper machine are designed and manufactured combining with the advanced design concept and processing technology. For journals assembly, we adopt cold fitting to avoid the eccentricity both inner and outer, which could effectively prevent from the fracture due to earlier fatigue. The max speed of these rolls can reach 3000m/min, not only to replace the imported parts, but also helps many users to lower the purchasing cost.


Co., Description Dia. (mm) Face length
Application position
1 Breast roll 400~900 2050~11000 Wet end  
Couch roll 400~900 2050~11000  
2 Press roll 700~1510 2000~8000 Press section  
3 Wire leading roll 315~900 2050~11000 Wet end, Press section,
Drying section
Felt guide roll 315~900 2050~11000  
4 Size roll 600~1510 2000~10000 Size section  
5 Reel drum 400~1100 2000~10000 Reel section  
Reel spool 400~1100 2000~10000  
6 Carrier roll of winder 800~1100 2000~10000 Re-winder  
Rider roll 220~500 800~8000  


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